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Transform your teaching with our workshops and courses.
Inspire creativity and innovation in education settings.


Are you an educator looking to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers? Look no further! In today's age of constant transformation, it's more important than ever to foster creativity in our students to ensure their survival and prosperity. With changes like the rise of artificial intelligence, global warming, and economic and political shifts, our students will need to be innovative problem solvers.

For years, innovative approaches to education have placed the creative learner at the center, demanding creativity and entrepreneurship from their educators as well. But now, it's time to take it to the next level. Creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation are crucial for immediate implementation in schools.

That's where Dr. Limor Leibovitz comes in. With over 30 years of experience in the field of creativity and innovation in education, Dr. Leibovitz offers workshops, courses, and counseling sessions to help educators unlock their own creativity and inspire it in their students. Don't know where to start? Book a consultation call with Dr. Leibovitz today, without any obligation. Let's inspire the alpha generation together!

Content areas for consultation, course or workshop:

Nature Class

Innovation & Creativity

In today's rapidly changing world, innovation and creativity have become essential components of education.
Join our workshop and course to discover the innovative practices used by successful schools worldwide, including educational entrepreneurship, digital integration, project-based learning, design thinking, creative thinking, and maker-centered education.
Using these approaches, we will work together to design
a customized program that meets the unique needs of your local educational setting.

Don't miss this opportunity to reinvent education and prepare your students for a brighter future. Keep reading to learn more!

Join me on the journey
of learning through tools of creative thinking, entrepreneurship, digital and design thinking 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)
is revolutionizing the education system, marking the biggest change since the invention of the blackboard and chalk.
Join our workshop and course to learn about the potential of AI technology and its impact on education. Discover how to leverage AI tools and create personalized teaching assistants through writing prompts.
Our course also explores the importance of developing critical thinking skills and AI literacy in the educational context to prepare students for future challenges. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of education.
Keep reading to learn more!

Join me on the journey
of learning through tools of future thinking and artificial intelligence literacy in the classroom


woman robot

The image was built using midjourney

 universal design for learning
is an approach that will allow you to empowerThe learning potential of every boy and girl in the class. In the course and the workshop we will get to know the principles of the approach to succeeddifferentially adjust the surroundingand the learnedFor students with skills, preferences, etcand various zakats.
Increasing the students' confidence in their abilities will form the basis of the change you will see in the school at the end of the course.
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Join me in experimenting with digital tools according to the principles of a universal design approach in learning


Post- its on glass
Children Using Tablets

Hybrid learning space

Integrates accessibility to the digital space in the physical environment to promote Learning skills for the whole life. In the course and workshop we will design the environment together the physical and the digitalin an innovative way and adapted to your goals. We will use fishing toolsYatlim and implement principles that will increase cooperation, digital literacy, einitiative and the students' taking responsibility for the learning processes. 
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Join me for a hands-on workshop in building innovative and relevant learning spaces
at your school 


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