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Dr. limor leibovitz

Dr. Limor Leibovitz

Speaker and advisor specializing in innovation within the realm of education.





Ministry of Education, 2 Hasholsha St., Tel Aviv

Date of Birth:

December 3, 1969

Meet Dr. Limor Leibovitz

I am currently employed in the Ministry of Education, specifically in the ICT and Technologies Division in Education, within the Science and Technology Administration. With 30 years of experience as an instructor in the design of both physical and digital learning environments, and in the integration of technology in education, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

My academic journey began at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem where I earned my bachelor's degree. I then pursued a master's degree in curriculum planning at Tel Aviv University, followed by a PhD in guidance at the University of Haifa. My professional journey commenced as an art teacher and a designer of learning environments.

On my website, I bridge the gap between pedagogy and technology, incorporating innovative research on human brain-based learning, groundbreaking and research-based teaching-learning approaches, and the creation of an environment abundant in visual representations and a visual language grounded in multimedia learning theory.

Each of these domains is incorporated into the numerous training sessions I conduct nationwide as part of my responsibilities.

My aspiration is that my new website, a technological tool with a personal touch, will facilitate meaningful dialogue with educators, parents, and social entrepreneurs.

 Professional Experience - Dr. Limor Leibovitz




I serve as a National Instructor for pedagogical innovation, technology integration in education, hybrid learning, and digital literacy in the ICT and Technologies Division of the Ministry of Education. Additionally, I lead the Digital Literacy Unit.

Instructor in the Tel Aviv, Bat-Yam and Rehovot Pasjah Centers in the field of learning space design and the professional development leader of educational environment design instructors throughout the country

Art, creativity and design teacher in the center of the country, curates exhibitions, and designs active learning spaces in schools

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