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Webinars hold the power to shape educators' perspectives and stimulate conversations about innovation and educational entrepreneurship. Dr. Limor Leibovitz, with her vast experience in visual tutorials, innovative teaching methods, hybrid learning environments, entrepreneurship, and technology, is eager to conduct engaging and insightful sessions equipped with practical tools.
You are invited to schedule a webinar on topics such as Learning by Attraction, Entrepreneurship, Innovation in Education, or Hybrid Learning Spaces.

Subjects for Consultation, Course, or Workshop:

Innovation & Creativity

In our fast-paced world, innovation and creativity are now fundamental elements of education. Participate in our workshop and course to explore the innovative strategies employed by successful schools globally. These include educational entrepreneurship, digital incorporation, project-oriented learning, design thinking, creative thinking, and maker-centered education.

Together, we will utilize these methodologies to craft a tailored program that addresses the specific needs of your local educational environment.

Seize this chance to transform education and equip your students for a promising future. Continue reading for more information!

Join me on the journey
of learning through tools of creative thinking, entrepreneurship, digital and design thinking 


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Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is catalyzing a transformative era in education, marking the most substantial shift since the introduction of the blackboard and chalk. Engage in our workshop and course to comprehend the potential of AI technology and its implications for education. Learn how to harness AI tools and develop tailored teaching aids through writing prompts.

Our course also emphasizes the importance of cultivating critical thinking abilities and AI literacy within the educational context to prepare students for future challenges. Don't miss this opportunity to remain at the cutting edge of the continuously evolving educational landscape. Continue reading for more insights!

Join me on the journey
of learning through tools of future thinking and artificial intelligence literacy in the classroom


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