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Webinars can influence educators and inform discourse around innovation and educational entrepreneurship. With extensive experience in tutorials on visuals, innovative pedagogy, hybrid learning spaces, entrepreneurship, and technology, Dr. Limor Leibovitz will be happy to lead a fun and enriching session with applied tools. I welcome you to order a webinar on Learning by Attraction, Entrepreneurship, Innovation in Education, Hybrid Learning Spaces.

VR Headset

& Innovation In Education

Book now an inspiring webinar to promote entrepreneurship in your school! Get to know applied tools for building innovative solutions to challenges that are identified together.

Ice Cream Party

Learning Motivation

Book a webinar that introduces principles for learning through experience, play, and visual tools. An approach that encourages learner involvement, collaboration, and enjoyment.

Virtual Team Meeting

Hybrid Learning Spaces

Book a webinar to build hybrid learning spaces (physical and digital) using new digital tools and principles for implementing innovative pedagogy.

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