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Missed the Bus? Preparing for the School Year in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The AI Creativity Bus Has Already Departed the Station
The AI Creativity Bus Has Already Departed the Station

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Let's talk about how quickly the world is changing around us. You know as well as I do that the AI Bus has not just left the station, it's picking up speed every day.

Just the other day, a colleague shared in one of our many AI-focused WhatsApp groups that he introduced his students to ChatGPT. The students' response? "Why do we even need exams if ChatGPT knows it all?" That question has been haunting me ever since.

So here's the deal— If you decide to showcase the astonishing capabilities of AI chatbots in answering a wide array of questions at lightning speed, be prepared. Your students will quickly realize they have a powerful tool that can answer any question you throw at them.

But let's not forget, these AI answers can sometimes be pure gibberish.

In this scenario, we, the teachers, risk becoming obsolete in the eyes of our students. All they think they need to do is use the chatbot to sidestep the whole "learning" process. And this isn't just a problem for those who've introduced chatbots in class; it's a universal issue.

Like I said, the AI Bus is already miles down the road.

We're entering a new, exhilarating technological era in education. The first was the internet's integration into classrooms, complete with search engines, digital content, online courses, and, of course, Wikipedia.

Now, as we usher in AI tools, we're looking at two possible scenarios:

  1. Old Guard vs. New Blood: Some teachers will cling to traditional methods, discouraging AI use in classrooms while emphasizing rote memorization. This will only alienate students and make educational institutions less relevant than ever. The fallout? Increased dropout rates and a potential societal divide.

  2. Teachers and Students as Co-Creators: In a course I recently led, called "AI in the Classroom," we had teachers and students collaboratively inventing new ways to integrate AI into education. The outcome was a sense of empowerment and mutual respect. However, the challenge lies in implementing these solutions within the existing school framework.

  3. Pioneering Educators Take the Lead: Numerous WhatsApp and Facebook groups are buzzing with educators who are trailblazers in integrating AI into education. If you haven't joined one yet, now's the time. The pace of change is unprecedented, and the risk of falling behind is far greater than the potential downsides.

So, my dear colleagues, our relevance come September 1, 2023, hinges on how we spent this August.

It's time to fill those knowledge gaps and get hands-on experience with AI tools. The risk of lagging behind far outweighs any potential gains from sticking to the status quo.

Register and tell us how you are Preparing for the School Year in the Age of Artificial Intelligence!

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Best wishes to all 21st-century educators!

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