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Research-based ideas for leading innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in education

חזרה למעלה
פרו' דן שכטמן וד"ר לימור ליבוביץיץ

Prof. Dan Shechtman was photographed for a lecture at Matach studios in May 2022 on the subject of Metaverse in education as part of his participation in the annual ICT conference in the division where I work
I asked to take a picture with him both because I greatly appreciate his work and because I think that promoting technological environments based on innovative pedagogy is important in the 21st century

Creativity in Education today is most relevant to the success of the Alpha generation. Most of the innovative approaches in education place the creative learner at the center and demand creativity from their teachers. This site ia all about applied principles based on cognitive research. Get inspiring ideas for learning spaces, order a webinar and consultation for school principals, heads of education departments and district innovation teams. The author, Dr. Limor Leibovitz , has 30 years of experience in the field of innovation in education

על מוח ולמידה

Pedagogical Innovation Today

חדשנות פדגוגית

Learning & Cognition in the 21st 

יצירתיות בחינו

Creativity in Education

Innovative Learning Spaces

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