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The Most Beautiful Ecological School In The World

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Louis is one of the most famous vloggers in the world.

In this video, he visits the most ecological school in the world.

Green School Bali is located on the island of Bali in Indonesia, very close to Australia.

Louis was invited by one of the teachers for a tour of the school.

The tour reveals the school's pedagogical program:

An entrepreneurial-community-ecological approach.

Architect John Hardy who has a personal story, built this school.

You can learn about his unique story in the following video-

Hardy and his wife moved to Bali following dissatisfaction with their lives and education systems.

In Bali, Hardy built a school made entirely of bamboo nests.

The largest bamboo building in the world was built in the center of the school!

The construction process itself is fascinating. Worth watching.

All materials are local, and construction is traditional.

At the end of the video, John used a model to instruct the local builders on the required structure.

It turns out that the builders do not read or understand architectural drawings, but they are very skilled in construction.

It's unbelievable how they implemented Hardy's plan.

The school is immersed in vegetation and cultivates it for nourishing purposes-
The school has a buffet where the sandwiches are wrapped in banana leaves,
All crops are organic, of course.
All of this ecological approach has impacted the school community,
And many of the parents moved to the huts around the school.

A river flows in the center of the school, and above it rises a wide bamboo bridge over which the students walk between classes.

Below the bridge, they set up a station to convert water flow energy into electricity (so that the school provides its electricity).

On this wide bridge, they hold deener meetings and parties, yes.

You must watch this video to believe it.

The school advocates a variety of experiences (yoga, dance, vegetation therapy, outdoor learning).

There are improvisations of 'chalkboard' that will look funny to us maybe at first ...

And all this to preserve the ecological principles.

Most impressive to see (in the first video) how students sell handkerchiefs to visitors (Louis and his friends) who come to their school.

They are young entrepreneurs who practice the sustainable life needed for future generations.

Such an approach is an example of the application of design thinking in education settings.

I was very excited to see it.

I hope you enjoy it too.

Good luck, 21st-century teachers.


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