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How Does a Mind Map Incorporated Into PD Training Affect the Students in Your Classroom?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

How Does a Mind Map Incorporated Into PD Training Affect the Students in Your Classroom?

As part of my doctorate, I researched the impact of learning different representations by the teachers who participated in a particular training course on their students' learning.

I want to focus on the impact of learning on mind map representations.

Several teachers who participated in the advanced training I researched used representation in their class,

I told the story of applying this professional knowledge in an article that you can read here.

The role of teachers’ knowledge in the m
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There are three things I want to point out as affecting the transfer from teachers' training to the classroom-

  1. Participation. Teachers that participate in activities such as representing information with a mind map and make an effort to relate this to teaching.

  2. Understanding students' thinking. Teachers that understand how students can benefit from learning with mind maps will practice mind mapping in their classrooms.

  3. Confidence. Teachers with experience with mind mapping are more likely to help students with mind mapping tasks and support their students as they process new information using mind map tasks.

We concluded that teachers' learning could affect student learning. But this is not an automatic thing.
Teachers should strive for this change out of themselves, out of a deep understanding of their evolving professionalism and desire to be significant figures in students' lives.

The mind map does allow for deep learning, collaboration, and student reflection.

The various methods for school teaching application - available here at the "Mind Map."

Sign up for the site forum now and join me for a thought-provoking discussion.

Good luck, 21st-century teachers.

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